eBay’d Up


I’ve already spoken about how much I love polka dots and when I saw the lovely Georgina Horne modelling this dress on her blog Fuller Figure, Fuller Bust I had to have it! Unfortunately for me, this dress was in Bravissimo in 2007, well before I got into their clothing.

Thankfully though, readers, there is a little website known as eBay.

Now there is some folks who disapprove of eBay and prefer not to use it, that’s fine. I, however, am all about recycling and I think selling clothes off to try and recoup some money back after a few years and for the garment to go to a good home is a great way to recycle. As a consumer you can find great bargains on there and you can save searches and have eBay email you daily when new items that match your search come up (though I don’t recommend just putting in a popular brand name as there can be over 100 items added every day with that brand name in their description!).

This particular outfit is all “recycled” clothing items from eBay (except the shoes, of which, sadly I don’t remember what I was wearing and I own around 3 pairs of black ballerina pumps) and, though the dress is actually probably a half size too big for me, with the belt I think I can get away with it.

Dress: Satin Spot Dress from Bravissimo via eBay
Belt: Topshop via eBay

What do you think about recycling clothes? Do you prefer to send your unwanted garments to charity or do you try to recoup some of your losses and sell them second hand?

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