Knowing Your Shape: How To Figure It Out

Recently I’ve been getting lots of compliments on my clothing and just my general dress sense and I’ve been asked a lot about where I shop and what types of clothes I buy only to be met with comments like “Oh but I shop there too and I never find anything that works for me”. Well I’ll tell you a secret, looking good is half about confidence and half about knowing your body shape.

I for example, am a fairly classic hourglass. My measurements are 39-29-39. if you visualize this into a line drawing it should look something like this;


Now there’s tons of “classic” shapes such as apple, pear, hourglass, boyish. If you’re looking to find your body shape, get yourself a tailors tape measure (one of decent length – those tiny ones from IKEA don’t cut it), and measure around the fullest part of your bust (A), the smallest part of your waist (B), and your hips (C). Now, for my favourite bit.

This is a great example of some of the basic body shapes and a great starting point for finding clothes that fit and flatter you wonderfully. If you’re still confused here’s a quick rundown;

Apple Shaped – When you are larger round your waist than your bust or hips
Athletic – When all your measurements are pretty much the same
Hourglass – When your bust and hips are roughly the same and are larger than your hips
Inverted Triangle – When your bust is larger than your waist and your hips are the narrowest part of your body
Pear Shaped – When your hips are larger than your waist or bust

Over the next few weeks I plan to write a series of posts on how to dress your different body shape – but for now what shape did you find out you were? Was it different to what you thought you were?

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