Flattering Fashion: Trashy Diva

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll have noticed I own a lot of dresses from a particular company called Trashy Diva. The reason for this is really quite simple, apart from suiting my style to a T (40’s and 50’s style full circle skirts? Oh yes please!) the quality of the clothing is fabulous.

As a larger busted woman I find it hard enough finding clothing sometimes, and when I do find something that fits the likelihood is I have to shell out quite a bit of money for it, so when I do it I don’t want to end up with clothes where the stitching is coming off or where I have to sew back on buttons before I even wear it! I’ve never had these problems with Trashy Diva and that’s what keeps me going back to them.

Now I have only tried on the dresses (so far!) but I can confirm that they are just as gorgeous in the flesh as they are on the website. Available primarily in rayon and silk prints there are some cotton items in the collection to, and hopefully there will be more to come in future collections.

Me in the Rosalind Dress – silk de chine – dragonfly/black – size 8

If you’re into vintage type fashion I really think there’s a goldmine here – with Japanese inspired prints to retro prints there really is something to suit every taste – and size! Lots of Trashy Diva dresses now go up to a size 18 (US) which is fantastic and almost unheard of when a clothing company specializes in replica vintage dresses.

Now they are a bit pricey – certainly pricier than most clothing stores on the high street, but in my opinion the quality of the clothes are well worth it. I basically lived in my first Trashy Diva dress for a week, I was so thrilled with it.

Order online whilst you can – Trashy Diva are revamping their website and reckon that orders made after the revamp will take a little longer to get to you than normal. It takes roughly 2 weeks after ordering for me to receive my package from them (in the UK) so do take that into account.

But those rayon dresses may well save your sanity in the hot weather we’re having at the moment!

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