Floral Fun


First off, I’m sorry for not having posted recently. I got into a bit of a work related stress and have just been recycling outfits because, well sometimes it’s just easier isn’t it? Anyways, back to today’s regularly scheduled blog post….

This particular dress is a Bravissimo dream. It’s jersey so it’s great for skimming lumps and bumps but also showcasing curves. I love the ditsy floral print for when I’m feeling a bit girly and the black band across the waist and near the hemline is actually chiffon which makes the whole outfit feel very summer-like. My only gripe is that the neckline is very low so I’ve had to sew in a little holding stitch and also put in a safety pin higher up so my cleavage doesn’t take someone’s eye out!

Sadly since having bought this dress I’ve lost a bit of weight and, as you can see, it’s starting to hang off my shoulders instead of hug my curves. So this may be one of the last times I wear it. I know well enough when I should let clothes go (and heck, getting rid of one dress means I get to buy one to replace it, right?)

Dress: Chiffon Trim Dress from Bravissimo


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