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Lunch Date


Dress: Pepperberry (2011 autumn collection)
Shoes: Vintage collection from Office
Bag: Monsoon
Tights: Accessorize




Gloomy weekend


Dress : Obi Dress in Tropical Flowers, Trashy Diva
Coat: Bravissimo
Bag: Monsoon
Shoes: Clarks

Anniversary Outfit 2


DH and I went out for dinner last night which was a perfect chance for me to showcase one of my favourite silk dresses, a gem from my all time favourite store, Trashy Diva. This is the Annabelle dress (I think!) in their Retro Floral print. The gorgeous blend of colours means it’s so easy to dress in a capsule wardrobe as it literally has every colour of the rainbow in it so there’s no worry of what colour shoes to wear! Perfect for a weekend away!

Oh and please excuse my slightly fuzzy photo, I kept twirling in the dress whilst DH was trying to get a good shot!

Dress: Annabelle Dress in Retro Floral, Trashy Diva
Shoes: Clarks

Ditsy Floral


One of my all time favourite boob-friendly dresses is actually not from a store catered to fit my breasts. It is, in fact from Dorothy Perkins.

The nice thing about some fabrics is they can be quite accommodating for a larger chest, such is jersey. It’s soft and most importantly, it’s quite stretchy.

Now this dress in particular I had to have some alterations done to it. Just because there was too much fabric in the waist area – even when tying back the straps – so I asked a friend who does costumes to alter it for me and she did it in around half an hour. So if you’re handing with a sewing machine or needle and thread then this is probably a great option for you. I also pinned this shut yesterday as I was wearing a slightly higher cut bra and didn’t want to change.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins

Floral Fun


First off, I’m sorry for not having posted recently. I got into a bit of a work related stress and have just been recycling outfits because, well sometimes it’s just easier isn’t it? Anyways, back to today’s regularly scheduled blog post….

This particular dress is a Bravissimo dream. It’s jersey so it’s great for skimming lumps and bumps but also showcasing curves. I love the ditsy floral print for when I’m feeling a bit girly and the black band across the waist and near the hemline is actually chiffon which makes the whole outfit feel very summer-like. My only gripe is that the neckline is very low so I’ve had to sew in a little holding stitch and also put in a safety pin higher up so my cleavage doesn’t take someone’s eye out!

Sadly since having bought this dress I’ve lost a bit of weight and, as you can see, it’s starting to hang off my shoulders instead of hug my curves. So this may be one of the last times I wear it. I know well enough when I should let clothes go (and heck, getting rid of one dress means I get to buy one to replace it, right?)

Dress: Chiffon Trim Dress from Bravissimo