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Moving into autumn


Shirt: NEXT
Jeans: PZI Jeans
Cardi: Bravissimo/Pepperberry
Bag: Monsoon


To The Garden!


A lot of times when I post a photo of what I’ve worn that day, it’s actually what I’ve worn to work. As I work evenings it usually means I get a chance to wear two outfits every day (I know, bad me for not posting!).

This is what I typically wear when I’m lounging around the garden or doing housework. I don’t tend to accessorize at home but I do know people who do. I enjoy wearing outfits like this at home though because it means that if I did need to run out to the shops all I really need to do is put on some shoes or flipflops, and maybe a belt, and I’m ready. Fashion ready in 30 seconds flat!

The stretchy blue bandeau top is great for us bigger boobed ladies as it’s elasticated at the top, though there is an “integral bra support” that stops about an inch from the bottom of my breasts the elastic at the top means that it’s held up by that anyways so I don’t have to worry. I’ve worn this with strapless bras before and been able to be out all day whilst still feeling comfortable. And in this heat – it’s all about being comfortable!

The shorts finish at the most flattering part of my thigh, elongating my legs which could be enhanced even more by a pair of nude heels or wedges.

Top: Peacocks
Shorts: NEXT
Bra: Bravissimo’s Parisian Plume Bra