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Gloomy weekend


Dress : Obi Dress in Tropical Flowers, Trashy Diva
Coat: Bravissimo
Bag: Monsoon
Shoes: Clarks


Man Men-esque


You know you are onto a winning outfit when someone recognises the style inspiration. Christina Hendricks was definitely in my mind when I bought this man men style dress from H&M.

Now many people say if you have a large chest then you shouldn’t wear high necklines. I would beg to differ, I think there are times you can get away with it and for me, this is one of those times. The dress itself is also a little looser on me so my breasts are not quite as pronounced as in some other outfits I’ve worn.

The dress itself is a great warm wool blend with a built in belt – perfect for the slightly chilly London weather we’ve been having! And, despite looking fitted, is actually a bit stretchy in the skirt. What more could a girl ask for?

Dress: H&M

Ditsy Floral


One of my all time favourite boob-friendly dresses is actually not from a store catered to fit my breasts. It is, in fact from Dorothy Perkins.

The nice thing about some fabrics is they can be quite accommodating for a larger chest, such is jersey. It’s soft and most importantly, it’s quite stretchy.

Now this dress in particular I had to have some alterations done to it. Just because there was too much fabric in the waist area – even when tying back the straps – so I asked a friend who does costumes to alter it for me and she did it in around half an hour. So if you’re handing with a sewing machine or needle and thread then this is probably a great option for you. I also pinned this shut yesterday as I was wearing a slightly higher cut bra and didn’t want to change.

Dress: Dorothy Perkins

Alison Dress in Purple Floral


One of my favourite dresses in my collection is my Alison Dress from none other than Trashy Diva. In it’s vibrant purple hues and it’s funky floral print what’s not to love? I do have to say, as a bustier lady, I do sometimes have trouble with the dress slipping to one side and exposing a little bit of my bra cup but never a lot as to make me feel uncomfortable – and I just make sure I wear pretty bras underneath!

On that note if you are interested in purchasing some Trashy Diva I would probably invest in an excellent plunge bra (I recommend Curvy Kate’s Tempt Me bra and you probably want to invest in some good knickers as well, as a sudden gust of wind can sometimes catch you off guard!

Dress: Alison Dress in Purple Floral, Trashy Diva
Shoes: Clarks
Tights (not pictured, nude): ASDA
Necklace: Gift from DH at our wedding
Bra worn: Deco in Pistachio, Freya